The Crypto Pie
The Crypto Pie

A bit about me…

Hi there, I'm crypto-enthusiast based in Canada. The Crypto Pie is just a little side project that I hope can be useful to people. If we had a bite to eat, you would know I'm totally more chill when I'm not writing and creating. OK, not really. I'm still a nerd!

​I'm just a writer​

The Crypto Pie is written by me, an amateur writer and crypto-enthusiast. I'm not trying to be your top source on everything crypto and I don't claim to be an expert on anything either, but I hope to share my thoughts and opinions on this new and exciting crypto future with you. Please know I’m not affiliated with any cryptocurrency project or company - no agenda here!

What you need to know!

Each time you turn on the news, read the papers, or scroll through your Twitter feed, you will most likely see stories about the price of bitcoin. I know I do. You might even hear words like "blockchain," "bitcoin mining," and "nfts" being thrown around. If it all leaves you scratching your head, I can assure you that, even though it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. These concepts can be explained in less than 60 seconds. Don’t believe me? I have a whole video series dedicated to just that. Click Here!